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Episode 25: February 2007

BUSH'S VIETNAM. That's how leading senators have begun the U.S. induced horrors of Iraq. Yet even with two-thirds of the American public demanding an end to the Iraq occupation, the president remains aloof, detached--even arrogant. Will cautious democrats such as Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi fulfill their duties and demand accountability? We also show our defeat in both Vietnam and Iraq demonstrate the futility of a military strategy of domination. And we'll get a glimpse of how compassion might secure our borders better than any act of collective violence. Finally, Daniel Noel and some animated friends show us how our corporate-controlled government fuels unhappiness. DOWNLOAD


Episode 24: January 2007

FARMS, FACTORIES AND FOOD. The corporate media often wring their hands about the rise of obesity and heart disease in the U.S. But rarely do they acknowledge the root causes: The American diet has become a wasteland of poor nutrition and ill health. We now obtain our daily bread (and meat) from vast corporations that hook us on processed foods, Genetically Modified Organisms, chemical flavorings, and the flesh of tortured, captive animals--often raised under horrific conditions. This special report, sprinkled with satire and rare archival footage (including a jaunty William Shatner), lays out in compelling detail why it's time to return to our organic, plant-loving roots, for a healthier, less destructive world. DOWNLOAD


Episode 23: December 2006

GOD AND COUNTRY. Despite a landslide win for populist Democrats in November's midterm elections, the struggle to put America back on the path of social and economic justice is just beginning. Will progressive Democrats and Independents use their new power to seek accountability in Government, or will they meekly submit to corporate pressure? The media reinforces the illusion that U.S. politics hovers near the center, but the centrism they represent is an illusion (click for an illustration). Also in this program, Daniel Noel tackles evangelical influence at the U.S. Air Force Academy. DOWNLOAD


Episode 22: November 2006

DEFENDING THE U.N. Daniel Noel is back for this month's special op-ed report, with a funny, sobering look at how the corporate pundits have demonized the United Nations. Noel takes apart the anti-U.N. argument point by point. From myths about the U.S. share of the U.N.'s budget to the supposed plan to take over the world, here's one lie after another exposed with wit and wisdom. The U.N., he argues, serves a vital role in promoting world peace, despite its occasional failures. DOWNLOAD


Episode 21: October 2006

DISSIDENT VOICES. In Washington D.C. this month, leading organizers came together at Camp Democracy, to take action and speak out against U.S. warmaking, criminal acts and general incompetence. Some, such as Iraq veteran Geoff Millard, express the outrage of wounded vets who see little genuine support for the troops. Others are demanding immediate impeachment of the Bush-Cheney White House. CIA Veteran Ray McGovern joins Col. Ann Wright to deliver a scathing verdict against President Bush at the White House, and others, such as Arun Ghandi and Gareth Porter provide insight into how we can turn today's folly into a lasting peace. DOWNLOAD




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