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Classics from Past Episodes

November 2009

I don't even have TV service in my home, but I was at my father's house today and flipping around channels, getting a feel for the modern mainstream pulse, hating most of what I saw, when I came to good ol Democracy Now on public access. Hooray! Then your show was on after, and it, seriously, made me cry. Never even heard of this show before. It was really touching, and it seemed so sincere. The segment with the disabled ballet and then your final words at the end of the program just hit me right in my core...


Joshua B.


Even Further Back

November 2008

I've loved the Lliberty News TV podcasts that I've watched.

Amazing! I was beginning to feel hopeless about our situation.. you guys give me hope with the conformation that there are other people fighting hard and effectively on these issues. Many hands make light work.

I'm looking forward to more shows.. great writing, good mix of comedy,
satire, and irony.

Someday I hope to get back the positive feeling I once had about the future of this country and world. The guilt I feel about bringing a child into this mess may someday pass. lets work on it!

Sincerely and best regards,

Steve in Vermont

ps. And I love the hair!