Episode 50 (JULY 2012)
Boots on the Ground

The U.S. military's impact on Earth's environment make it a menace to all life on Earth. Along with its massive fuel consumption, destruction of soils and pollution of fresh water, it has covered much of the Middle East with deadly radiation. Just as Eisenhower warned, the military industry has become a monster of our own making, more likely to bring on a global warming disaster than to protect us from the biggest threats now on the horizon.



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Been to a HS Graduation Lately?

The military is indoctrinating young people by way of flowery speeches from new recruits at H.S. graduations, such as the one in Windham, Maine, this Spring. Be heard. Tell your local school officials that messages of peace MUST be given equal time to recruiting for violence.


What Can We Do to Save Earth?

Global Risks of 2012

We must acknowledge the challenges to the revolution that is sweeping the planet and not be naive.

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Convert Your Lawn to a Food Source

One of the easiest ways to gain independence and plan for the future is to become a food-producing urban gardener.

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